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«My strength is pulled from my roots, the diversity of my experiences, and the eclecticism of my passions.»

I have always been fascinated by two subjects; playing the flute, and performing music.

I entered a conservatory when I was 10 years old, where I began studies with the teacher who would remain an important influence and educator for me for many long years.

I expanded my education desiring to become not only a flutist, but above all, to become a musician. Thus, I took on diverse studies which would permit a transversal musical development. This included studies of musicology as well as pedagogy. Simultaneously, I studied modern flute, piccolo, and historical flute performance.

I learned how to teach the flute just as an artisan learns their craft: first by observing my own teachers give lessons to my fellow students at the conservatory. When it became my turn to teach, I created my own teaching style, partly in an academic manner, but also while reflecting on the heritage of all of the musician-teachers who played a part in my formation.

I remain profoundly grateful to them for their precious advice which follows me everywhere, above all: You are your own best teacher!

I find it important to take the time to adapt myself to the profile of my students. Through encouragement and pedagogy, I hope to nourish their motivation, with the goal that they too will love and enjoy music as much as I do.

I teach at the Musikschule Weil am Rhein as well as the Musikschule of Freiburg im Breisgau, where I am a teacher of both modern and baroque flute and piccolo, as well as chamber music.

I teach students of all ages, in German, French, and in English.

« Claire perfectly balances rigorous motivation with a deep pleasure for learning—- the best combination for lifelong progress »

Maja, flute Student.

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